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Meet with MICE!

MICE, which consists of the words Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions, is sometimes defined as the ``meeting industry``, but it is much more than that! This area, which attracts the attention of many developed companies and organizations and is rapidly rising, is in high demand for product promotions, launches, conferences, meetings, organizations, press conferences, trainings and many different meetings. Moreover, there are many companies that prepare international or domestic travel plans with MICE tours to increase the motivation of company employees.

MICE, where different groups come together to support, encourage and establish partnerships, also paves the way for cultural and sports activities. For this reason, it is possible to say that MICE, which has many different sub-titles, has a very innovative and dynamic perspective. MICE, which is generally preferred by large companies, organizes very detailed and successful organizations and we can say that it covers almost 30% of the sector's revenues. In fact, it is in such a development that MICE tours constitute a quarter of the economic basis of some countries.

Although there is a pause in the tourism and entertainment sectors due to Covid-19 in Turkey, as in all other countries, when we look at the recent past, we can see that Turkey has rolled up its sleeves as one of the MICE pioneers. It is possible to come across many pre-Covid-19 events in Turkey, where many quality organizations, festivals, parties and tourism tours are increasing and attracting attention. Let's see the new events together in Turkey!

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