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Antalya, one of the most crowded cities in Turkey, is considered the capital of tourism in Turkey. Antalya, located in the west of the Mediterranean Region and has developed rapidly with the effect of climatic conditions and tourism. Legend has it that the King of Pergamon Attalos the Second told his soldiers: ``Go and find me a heaven on earth.`` Thereupon, his soldiers show him the current Antalya, and a port city is established here.

Let’s come to the important points of Antalya… Antalya, the holiday paradise of the Mediterranean, is the capital and indispensable place of summer holidays. There are countless ancient cities in Antalya, which hosts millions of local and foreign tourists every year. One of these important places is Kaleiçi. It is possible to taste different cultures here with the buildings that carry the history of the city and bring the past to the present. Moreover, if you visit Kaleiçi, you should visit Hadrian’s Gate and the Old Port. You can also visit the Yivli Minaret, one of the first Islamic structures in Antalya, here.

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1.417 km2

Yanartaş, also known as eternal fire, is a place you can visit in Çıralı, Kemer. Yanartaş, which is the most preferred place by tourists, also has a legend. According to Greek mythology, the fire coming out of the underground of Chimera, the Ancient Lycian City, is considered sacred. According to the legend, the fire in the Homeric texts is the fire that comes out of the mouth of the three-headed monster called Chimera, which is a mixture of lion, goat, and snake. The Lycian king at that time sends Bellophontes to defeat the monster, and the young man who killed the monster with his winged horse Pegasus bury him seven floors underground. Chimera continues to shoot fire from the ground even today.
There are many historical places and wonderful beaches where you can relax in Antalya. We are waiting for you in Antalya to discover these beauties!

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